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Equipped with 30 rooms the hotel „St. Peter“ was opened in 1890 at the exact same spot, where the ambassador hotel & spa is situated nowadays. The property was the closest one to the sea and the rooms were offered for 28 to 42 DM per week.

In 1927 the third owner of the hotel Mr. Kaminski renamed it „Kurhaus“. At that time the hotels Fernsicht and Martje Flohrs, that became independed by now, were a part of the hotel as well.

In the 50 s the building was renovated and in 1976 most parts of it were demolished and rebuild. Afterwards Mr. Busch, the successor of Mr. Kaminski, reopened the new „Kurhotel“ with its current 89 rooms. For almost 30 years, the hotel was in the hands of family Sroka.

Since September 2013 the family Dr. Lohbeck is the proud owner of the ambassador hotel & spa.